Protein complexes

WID Name
DNA_POLYMERASE_2CORE_BETA_CLAMP_GAMMA_COMPLEX_PRIMASE DNA polymerase (2) core, β-clamp, γ-complex, and primase
DNA_POLYMERASE_CORE DNA-directed DNA polymerase
DNA_POLYMERASE_CORE_BETA_CLAMP_GAMMA_COMPLEX DNA polymerase core, β-clamp, and γ-complex
DNA_POLYMERASE_CORE_BETA_CLAMP_PRIMASE DNA polymerase core, β-clamp, and primase
DNA_POLYMERASE_GAMMA_COMPLEX DNA-directed DNA polymerase gamma complex
MG_001_DIMER DNA polymerase III, beta clamp
MG_094_HEXAMER replicative DNA helicase
MG_105_OCTAMER putative DNA integrity scanning protein