TranscriptionalRegulation_hrcA_TU_155 – Transcriptional regulation of TU_155 by hrcA

WID TranscriptionalRegulation_hrcA_TU_155
Name Transcriptional regulation of TU_155 by hrcA
Transcription unit TU_155 View in model
Transcripton factor MG_205_DIMER View in model
Binding site 282824283851 MG_238 MG_239
Chromosome: Mgenitalium_Chr_1, Coordinate: 283324 (nt), Length: 27 (nt), Direction: Forward, Sequence:
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Fold‑change activity
0.1751 (dimensionless)
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Comments HrcA represses the transcription of the heat-shock proteins including chaperones and chaperonins [PUB_0186, PUB_0418, PUB_0419, PUB_0433]. HrcA recognizes the CIRCE motif (TTAGCACTCAAA[GC][TGC][ACGT]TT[TA]GAGTGCTAA). HrcA transcriptional regulatory activity was measured in M. genitalium [PUB_0186] and M. pneumoniae [PUB_0418]. HrcA is repressed by heat, leading to derepression or increased expression of chaperones and chaperonins [PUB_0186, PUB_0418, PUB_0419, PUB_0433]. Binding site has motif CIRCE (TTAGCACTCAAA[GC][TGC][ACGT]TT[TA]GAGTGCTAA). Site responds to the condition: absence of 42C heat.
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