TranscriptionalRegulation_gntR_TU_063 – Transcriptional regulation of TU_063 by gntR

WID TranscriptionalRegulation_gntR_TU_063
Name Transcriptional regulation of TU_063 by gntR
Transcription unit TU_063 View in model
Transcripton factor MG_101_MONOMER View in model
Binding site 128140129158 MG_100 MG_101
Chromosome: Mgenitalium_Chr_1, Coordinate: 128640 (nt), Length: 18 (nt), Direction: Forward, Sequence:
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Fold‑change activity
0.02 (dimensionless)
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Comments GntR transcription factor is an HTH-type transcriptional regulator [PUB_0096] which represses its own transcription and that of genes involved in gluconate metabolism [PUB_0110, PUB_0196]. GntR transcriptional regulatory activity was inferred from B. subtilis [PUB_0433, PUB_0419]. GntR is repressed by gluconate [PUB_0110]. Consensus sequence ATACTTGTATACAAGTAT is 18 bp [PUB_0419]. In M. genitalium the upstream region doesn't contain the consensus binding sequence. Consequently, we wanted set the transcription factor binding site by setting its distance from the start codon to be the mean of that of observed transcription factors (56 nt). However, this would have overlapped with the LuxR binding site which is further upstream, so we set the GntR binding site to be just immediately downstream of the LuxR binding site. Binding site has motif ATACTTGTATACAAGTAT. Site responds to the condition: absence of 10 mM gluconate.
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