TX_AROP13 – L-tyrosine reversible transport via proton symport

WID TX_AROP13 View in model
Name L-tyrosine reversible transport via proton symport View in model
Cross references BioCyc: TRANS-RXN-77, BiGG: TYRt2rpp
Type transport View in model
Stoichiometry H[e] + TYR[e] ⇔ H[c] + TYR[c] View in model
Enzyme MG_226_DIMER [m] View in model
Is spontaneous (pH 7.5, 25C, I = 0) False View in model
ΔG (pH 7.5, 25C, I = 0; kJ mol‑1) 0.0
1.0 ()
Process Process_Metabolism View in model
Comments amino acid transport [PUB_0110]; may be catalytic as monomer [PUB_0245] or as dimer [PUB_0246];
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