RelA1 – GDP diphosphokinase

WID RelA1 View in model
Name GDP diphosphokinase View in model
Cross references EC:, BiGG: GDPDPK, BioCyc: GDPPYPHOSKIN-RXN
Type chemical View in model
Stoichiometry [c]: ATP + GDPAMP + H + PPGPP View in model
Enzyme MG_278_DIMER [c] View in model
Is spontaneous (pH 7.5, 25C, I = 0) False View in model
ΔG (pH 7.5, 25C, I = 0; kJ mol‑1) -3.80
550.954774449 ()
Process Process_Metabolism View in model
Comments produces (p)ppGpp under starvation conditions (stringent response) [PUB_0149]; ppGpp in turn regulates transcription of rRNA and tRNA, translation, and replication [PUB_0149]; ACP interacts with spoT to shift equlibrium toward (p)ppGpp and away from GTP/GDP and pyrophosphate [PUB_0149]; ribosome-associated (p)ppGpp synthetase responding mainly to uncharged tRNAs that accumulate and binds to ribosomes A-site as a result of amino acid limitation [PUB_0150]; recognizes stalled ribosomes and synthesizes ppGpp [PUB_0153]; ppGpp binds in the secondary channel of RNA polymerase and prevents transcription of tRNA, rRNA [PUB_0151]; ppGpp promotes transcription of amino acid biosynthesis genes [PUB_0151]; ppGpp inhibits DNA primase [PUB_0152]; Mn2+ cofactor requirement inferred by homology [PUB_0096].
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