Process_TerminalOrganelleAssembly – Terminal organelle assembly

WID Process_TerminalOrganelleAssembly
Name Terminal organelle assembly
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Comments The terminal is a 300 × 80 nm electron-dense, membrane-bound extension of the cell which gives M. genitalium its characteristic flask shape, and is involved in adhesion, gliding motility, and cell division. The terminal organelle is composed of protein and glyolipids. The protein fraction of the terminal organelle is composed of 5 cytosolic and 3 integral membrane proteins. During growth the terminal organelle is duplicated, and during cell division the second terminal organelle migrates to the opposite pole. Terminal organelle assembly has been reviewed by Krause and Balish [PUB_0408], and the 10 protein monomer incorporation steps described by Krause and Balish are modeled as Boolean rules. Assembles terminal organelle with 8 proteins HMW1-3 MgPa P32, P65, P110, P200 Each of 8 proteins is assembled into terminal organelle if the proteins that are needed to localize it are already incorporated into the terminal organelle, or in the case of HMW1 and HMW2 are both present in the cytosol and can localize together. HMW1, HMW2 are mutually required for localization MHW3 requires HMW1, HMW2 for localization Proteins are incorporated according to one of two patterns cytoplasm ⇒ terminal organelle cytoplasma membrane ⇒ terminal organelle membrane References PUB_0088 PUB_0091 PUB_0406 PUB_0407 PUB_0408 PUB_0409
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