Process_RNAModification – RNA modification

WID Process_RNAModification
Name RNA modification
Initialization order 24 View in model
Chemical reactions View in model
Comments Simulate r/tRNA modifications including rRNA methylation MG_252_DIMER, MG_346_DIMER, MG_380_MONOMER, MG_463_MONOMER rRNA pseudouridation MG_209_MONOMER, MG_370_MONOMER tRNA methylation MG_347_DIMER, MG_445_DIMER tRNA pseudouridation MG_182_DIMER tRNA lysidine synthetase MG_084_TETRAMER tRNA sulfur transfer MG_295_MONOMER, MG_372_MONOMER tRNA uridine 5-carboxymethylaminomethyl modification [PUB_0055] MG_008_379_TETRAMER Algorithm While(true) Calculate numbers of substrates that can be modified based on substrate, metabolite, enzyme availability and kinetics. Randomly select substrate to modify weighted by limits End
  1. Björk GR, Huang B, Persson OP, Byström AS. A conserved modified wobble nucleoside (mcm5s2U) in lysyl-tRNA is required for viability in yeast. RNA 13, 1245-55 (2007). WholeCell: PUB_0055, PubMed: 17592039

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