Process_RNADecay – RNA decay

WID Process_RNADecay
Name RNA decay
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Comments First, transcripts are hydrolytically cleaved into 10-30 nucleotide fragments by ribonuclease R (MG_104_MONOMER) in an energy-dependent fashion [PUB_0039]. Second, RNA fragments are hydrolytically and spontaneously degraded, producing individual NMPs. RNA decay is modeled as a Poisson process. First, RNAs are stochastically selected for degradation with Poisson parameters equal to the experimentally measured decay rates. Second, available ribonuclease R and energy are distributed among the selected transcripts according to the length of each transcript and the measured kinetics of ribonuclease R, and transcripts are degraded. Models decay of RNA molecules as a poisson process with rate parameter, lambda = RNAs .* decayRates * object.simulationStep
  1. Nicholson AW. Function, mechanism and regulation of bacterial ribonucleases. FEMS Microbiol Rev 23, 371-90 (1999). WholeCell: PUB_0039, PubMed: 10371039

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