Process_ProteinProcessingII – Protein processing II

WID Process_ProteinProcessingII
Name Protein processing II
Initialization order 20 View in model
Chemical reactions prolipoprotein diacylglyceryl transferase
CYS[c] + PG160[m] ⇒ diacylglycerolCys[c] + H[c] + SNGLYP[c]
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  • Parameter_0104: lipoproteinDiacylglycerylTransferaseSpecificRate = 0.0165 1/s

  • Parameter_0105: lipoproteinSignalPeptidaseSpecificRate = 11 1/s

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Comments Simulates maturation of lipoproteins: diacylglyceryl transfer – Lgt (MG_086) catalyzes transfer of diacylglycerol group to sulfhydryl group of lipobox cysteine [PUB_0654] signal peptide cleavage – LspA (MG_210) cleaves lipoprotein at lipobox cysteine [PUB_0654] Note M. genitalium does contain a apolipoprotein transacylase [PUB_0655, PUB_0656, PUB_0657]. Lipoproteins participate in many processes including: Nutrient acquisition Adaptation Protein maturation Adherence Virulence Conjugation Sporulation Transport Signal transduction References PUB_0654 PUB_0655 PUB_0656 PUB_0657 PUB_0658
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