Parameter_0149 – macromoleculeStateInitializationGrowthFactor

WID Parameter_0149
Name macromoleculeStateInitializationGrowthFactor
Synonyms Macromolecule state initialization growth factor
1 (dimensionless) (Show evidence)
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Process Process_Metabolism
Comments Ratio of the growth rate of the mean protein expression to the average growth rate over the distribution of protein expression over the entire cell cycle. The growth rate of the mean protein expression is fit to this value * log(2)/τ such that the average integral of the growth rate over the cell cycle is 1, corresponding to a doubling in biomass over the cell cycle length. This value is fit using the fitGrowthRate method of the ProteinGrowth_Test class. See Karr et al. whole-cell model source code [PUB_0930] for more information.
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