Parameter_0117 – k_Regen

WID Parameter_0117
Name k_Regen
Synonyms DnaA-ATP regeneration rate
125 (1/h) (Show evidence)
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Molecules MG_469_1MER_ADP
Process Process_ReplicationInitiation
Comments Atlas, Nikolaev, Browning, and Shuler reported kregen = 8.33 × 10-3 1/h [PUB_0447 xml file]. This rate consistent is inconsistent with regeneration of DnaA-ADP on the time scale of replication and cytokinesis (approximately 6.3 hours for M. genitalium). To be consistent with DnaA-ADP regeneration on the time scale of replication and cytokinesis we set kregen= 125 1/h so that on average 90% of DnaA-ADP will be regenerated by the end of replication and 99% will be regenerated by the end of cytokinesis. This value was manually fit using the testDnaAADPRegenerationFollowReplicationInitiation replication initiation unit test, and accounts for the fact that only free DnaA-ADP is regenerated, while most DnaA-ADP is chromosomally bound.
  1. Atlas JC, Nikolaev EV, Browning ST, Shuler ML. Incorporating genome-wide DNA sequence information into a dynamic whole-cell model of Escherichia coli: application to DNA replication. IET Syst Biol 2, 369-82 (2008). WholeCell: PUB_0447, PubMed: 19045832

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