Parameter_0054 – NER_PcrA_StepSize

WID Parameter_0054
Name NER_PcrA_StepSize
Synonyms PcrA step size
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Molecules MG_244_DIMER
Process Process_DNARepair
Comments Oligonucleotide excision during nucleotide excision repair is powered by ATP hydrolysis [PUB_0531]. Several groups have studied PcrA energetics and kinetics. Wigley report that 1-23 bases are excised per ATP [PUB_0541]; Tomko et al report that PcrA catalyzes excision at the rate 193 nt/s and 1 ATP/nt [PUB_0516].
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  3. Wigley DB. DNA helicases: one small step for PcrA, one giant leap for RecBC?. Curr Biol 10, R444-6 (2000). WholeCell: PUB_0541, PubMed: 10873794

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