Parameter_0020 – timeAveragedCellWeight

WID Parameter_0020
Name timeAveragedCellWeight
Synonyms Time-averaged cell mass
1.4427 (dimensionless) (Show evidence)
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State State_Mass
Comments Assuming an exponential model of single cell growth [PUB_0559, PUB_0560, PUB_0561], m(t)=m(t=0)etln(2)/τ, where m(0)=4.7×10-15 g [PUB_0553, PUB_0554, PUB_0555] is the cell mass at the start of the cell cycle, t is time, and τ=12-16 h [PUB_0094, PUB_0556] is the cell cycle length or generation time, the average cell mass over cell cycle length is m(0)/ln(2)=1.4427m(0).
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