Parameter_0018 – initialFractionAAsInMonomers

WID Parameter_0018
Name initialFractionAAsInMonomers
Synonyms Initial fraction of amino acids incorporated into proteins
0.99 (dimensionless) (Show evidence)
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State State_Mass
Comments Set to the average free fraction of amino acids observed in preliminary protein module simulations. For comparison, CyberCell reports the concentration of free amino acids in E. coli is 13.59 mM [PUB_0394]. This equates to 99.17% of amino acids incorporated into protein assuming: Free amino acid concentration: 13.59 mM Cell volume: 115.87 fL Weighted mean amino acid weight: 131.7019 Da Total weight fraction amino acid + protein: 2.4931 fg
  1. Sundararaj S, Guo A, Habibi-Nazhad B, Rouani M, Stothard P, Ellison M, Wishart DS. The CyberCell Database (CCDB): a comprehensive, self-updating, relational database to coordinate and facilitate in silico modeling of Escherichia coli. Nucleic Acids Res 32, D293-5 (2004). WholeCell: PUB_0394, PubMed: 14681416, URL:

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