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Name tRNAAnticodons
Comments For each tRNA encoded in the MG genome, the anticodon was obtained from the TIGR database [PUB_0182]. The amino acid denoted by the anticodons were determined using Figure 3 in Simoneau et al [PUB_0053]. (1993). Simoneau et al. describe the tRNAs of M. pneumoniae, but as this is the closest relative of M. genitalium, these anticodons were used [PUB_0607]. Note that M. genitalium uses the UGA codon as tryptophan. Also note that there are three different anticodons CAU where the tRNA sequence differs, and these tRNAs code for two different forms of methionine and isoleucine. We obtained data of the μmol/g of dried cell mass for each amino acid in MG from (SOURCE? On ‘Cell compositions’ spread sheet from Markus). From these masses we calculated the fraction of the total residue dry weight for each amino acid. We assumed that each tRNA with anticodons for the same amino acid, contributed equally to the fraction of the total residue dry weight for each amino acid. So for residues represented by multiple tRNAs, we divided this fraction by the number of tRNAs to get the fraction of total residue dry weight per tRNA.
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