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Name TranscriptionalRegulation
Comments M. genitalium transcriptional regulatory network was reconstructed from the primary literature [PUB_0006, PUB_0112, PUB_0186, PUB_0411, PUB_0418, PUB_0419, PUB_0420, PUB_0433, PUB_0434, PUB_0435, PUB_0436, PUB_0437, PUB_0438, PUB_0459, PUB_0460, PUB_0505], and the B. subtilis transcriptional regulation database DBTBS [PUB_0419]. We also searched EcoCyc [PUB_0006] and RegulonDB [PUB_0568] for the M. genitalium transcriptional regulators with little success. M. genitalium was determined to contain the transcriptional regulators: Fur (MG_236_MONOMER) – activated by iron stress and negatively regulates expression of siderophore biosynthesis and ferri-siderophore uptake genes [PUB_0418, PUB_0419, PUB_0438] GntR (MG_101_MONOMER) – repressed by gluconate and negatively represses its own expression [PUB_0110, PUB_0196] HrcA (MG_205_DIMER) – repressed by heat and negatively regulates the heat shock proteins including chaperones and chaperonins [PUB_0186, PUB_0418, PUB_0419, PUB_0433]. LuxR (MG_428_DIMER) – in other bacteria N-acyl-L-homoserine lactone is produced by LuxI and activates LuxR which in turn enhances luxI transcription. Spx (MG_127_MONOMER) – activated by thiol-specific oxidative stress, and enhances the expression of reductases [PUB_0434, PUB_0435, PUB_0436]. For each transcription factor we attempted to identify the regulated genes, the strength of the regulation (typically measured by microarray or PCR), the consensus regulatory element, and the affinity of the regulatory for the regulatory element.
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  6. ... 14 more

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