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Name TranscriptionUnitStructure
Comments The promoter and transcriptional start site for each gene was predicted by Weiner, Hermann, and Browning using a PSS matrix developed by sequencing the 5' ends of several M. pneumoniae transcripts [PUB_0411]. The transcription unit structure was compiled by mapping the reported M. pneumoniae transcription structure to M. genitalium [PUB_0418 Table S5 Suboperons] with three modifications: r/s/tRNAs were assigned to transcription units according to their reference operons [PUB_0418 Table s4] mRNAs not assigned to suboperons because of insufficient evidence where assigned to separate transcription units. The 5 non-homologous genes were were assigned to separate transcription units. These genes occur outside other transcription units. We considered several additional data set when compiling the the transcription unit structure: Primary reports of cotranscribed genes [PUB_0176, PUB_0182, PUB_0186, PUB_0188, PUB_0188, PUB_0244, PUB_0247, PUB_0248, PUB_0249, PUB_0251] OperonDB database of cotranscribed genes [PUB_0250] Conservation of gene order across multiple species Related function of adjacent genes Expression levels as measured by microarrays of adjacent genes [PUB_0569] Strandedness of adjacent genes
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  6. ... 8 more

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