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Comments Ribonuclease P Ribonuclease P removes 5' leader sequence from pre-tRNA by hydrolyzing phosphodiester bond immediately 5' of first nucleotide of mature tRNA. Ribonuclease P is a ribonucleoprotein contain 1 protein subunit (MG_465, rpnA) and 1 RNA subunit (MG_0003, P RNA, MCS5). Ribonuclease P kinetics were investigated by Hsieh et al [PUB_0013]: ParameterValue (Mg2+)Value (Ca2+) kcat0.27 ±0.02 s-1 KM0.08 ± 0.02 μM k20.3 ± 0.01 s-11.8 ± 0.3 × 10-5 s-1 KDpretRNA4 ± 2 × 10-4 μM KDtRNA1.2 ± 0.1 μM0.2 ± 0.06 μM Network reconstruction rRNA, sRNA, and tRNA cleavage was reconstructed from the primary literature [PUB_0038, PUB_0039, PUB_0042, PUB_0061, PUB_0068, PUB_0069, PUB_0070, PUB_0101, PUB_0102, PUB_0104, PUB_0110, PUB_0163, PUB_0166]. Specific parameters were obtained from the following sources: Kinetics: [PUB_0013, PUB_0069, PUB_0103] Complex composition: [PUB_0011] Cofactors: [PUB_0006, PUB_0012, PUB_0013, PUB_0039, PUB_0043, PUB_0071, PUB_0096, PUB_0165]
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