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Name ProteinPhysicalProperties
Comments Protein physical properties were compiled from several sources: BioCyc [PUB_0006] – prosthetic groups, complex composition BRENDA [PUB_0570] – pI, prosthetic groups ExPASyProtParam [PUB_0585] – half Life (using N-end rule [PUB_0586]), instability, stability, aliphatic, GRAVY, extinction coeffcient, absorption, chemical formula, molecular weight, pI Metal MaCiE [PUB_0387] – metal prosthetic groups Phobius [PUB_0262] – topology UniProt [PUB_0096] – domains See also: Note_DisulfideBonds – disulfide bonds Note_MacromolecularComplexes – macromolecular complex composition Note_Cofactors – prosthetic groups and coenzymes Note_ProteinLocalization_SignalPeptides – protein localization, signal sequences, and topology Note_ProteinNTerminalMethionineCleavage – N-terminal methionine cleavage Note_ProteinModifications – stable covalent modifications Note_ReactionCatalysis – optimal temperature, optimal pH, KD, Ki, activators, inhibitors
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