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Name MediaComposition
Comments Mycoplasma genitalium is grown on SP4 media. Using several sources we estimated the composition of SP4 media as prescribed by JCVI [PUB_0763]. To ensure Mycoplasma growth we added several essential metabolites to the media (nucleobases, gases, polyamines, vitamins, and ions) in xsDNA amounts reported by Yus et al in the M. pneumoniae minimal media [PUB_0614] (nucleobases uracil, cytidine, guanine), amounts equal to similar components (ions Mn2+, Co2+, MoO42-; polyamines spermidine and putrescine; vitamin THF; and dipeptides), or amounts in equilibrium with their partial gas pressure (oxygen and carbon dioxide gases).
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  2. Yus E, Maier T, Michalodimitrakis K, van Noort V, Yamada T, Chen WH, Wodke JA, Güell M, Martínez S, Bourgeois R, Kühner S, Raineri E, Letunic I, Kalinina OV, Rode M, Herrmann R, Gutiérrez-Gallego R, Russell RB, Gavin AC, Bork P, Serrano L. Impact of genome reduction on bacterial metabolism and its regulation. Science 326, 1263-8 (2009). WholeCell: PUB_0614, PubMed: 19965476

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