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Comments DNA damage was reconstructed from a variety of sources. Kaye and Laby observed the energy distribution of ionizing radiation at >40°N [PUB_0490]: ParticleEnergy (keV)Flux (1/m2/s/sr) e-> 100060 e-> 1000028 e-> 2000020 e-> 1000006 e-> 2000003 e-> 5000001 e-> 10000000.38 e-> 20000000.12 e-> 50000000.02 proton> 10002.1 proton> 100002.1 proton> 200002.1 proton> 1000001.9 proton> 2000001.5 proton> 5000000.9 proton> 10000000.51 proton> 20000000.25 proton> 50000000.077 proton> 100000000.025 proton> 200000000.008 proton> 500000000.0016 proton> 1000000000.00043 proton> 2000000000.00011 proton> 5000000000.00002 Using a track structure model Nikjoo et al calculated the amount of DNA damage caused by electrons of various energies [PUB_0486]: Energy (keV) Ionizations & Excitations Ionizations 0.112.75 0.336.815.5 0.5128.225.5 1249.949.9 1.5373.272.7 4.51121.2200.4 Using a track structure model Nikjoo et al calculated the amount of DNA damage caused by ionizing radiation of various energies [PUB_0485]: ParticleEnergy (keV)LET (keV)No BreakSSBSSB+ 2SSBDSBDSB+DSB++Total Electron0.366.426. Electron1.570.524. Electron4.571.424. Proton0.358.555. Proton0.541.560.426. Proton0.7533.163.525.84.613.31.60.3100.1 Proton125.466.624. Proton215.570.623.52.60.520.70.1100 Proton49.273.621. a-particle216851.323724.86.25.7100 a-particle312951.424.47.625.35.73.7100.1 a-particle410556.724. a-particle679.258.521. a-particle864.461.825. a-particle1034.864.324.84.413.21.90.4100 Pomplun et al cataloged double strand break yields of ionizing radiation (Gy-1 dalton-1 10-12) [PUB_0483]: RadiationExperimentCalculated 60CO y-rays4.26.1 140 kV X-rays11.76.2 A1K X-rays9.310.2 CK X-rays1614.6 241Am a-particles1520.7 241Am a-particles19.120.7 He ions, 33 keV/µm6.811 He ions, 50 keV/µm9.414.5 He ions, 66 keV/µm8.616 He ions, 70 keV/µm1318 He ions, 100 keV/µm18.320 He ions, 160 keV/µm23.221 C ions 360 keV/µm13.120 Michalik and Frankenberg catalogued the fraction per absorbed dose in percentage of simple and complex DSB for different initial electron energies [PUB_0481]. Values are obtained on the assumption that simple DSB are exclusively induced by energy transfers
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