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Name Cofactors
Comments Reaction coenzymes and prosthetic groups were reconstructed from several sources including the databases BioCyc [PUB_0006], BRENDA [PUB_0570], GenoBase [PUB_0386], Kinetikon [PUB_0571], Metal-MaCiE [PUB_0387], and UniProt [PUB_0096] and the primary literature [PUB_0131]. These sources frequently report protein prosthetic groups as a list of chemical species (eg. metal ions) which can each fill the same prosthetic group role. We simplified these ambiguous lists of possible prosthetic groups to a single chemical species by choosing the most common chemical species according to cell composition (Na+, K+ > Mg2+, Cl- > Fe2+, Fe3+ > Ca2+ > Mn2+ > Cu2+ > Mo6+, Zn2, Co2, Ni2 [PUB_0393, PUB_0394, PUB_0395]), or the species with the highest protein affinity (Irving-Williams Series, Mn2+ < Fe2+, Fe3+ < Co2+ < Ni2+ < Cu2+ > Zn2+ [PUB_0404]).
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