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Name Biomass
Comments The biomass composition of M. genitalium was compiled from several sources: The Feist et al E. coli FBA model [PUB_0558] Reviews of the biomass composition of E. coli [PUB_0393, PUB_0395, PUB_0645] The CyberCell database of small and large molecule copy numbers, and in particular metal ions [PUB_0394] Literature on the metal ion content of cells [PUB_0678, PUB_0679, PUB_0680] The Bennett et al metabolome-scale comprehensive measurement of small molecule concentrations in three conditions: glucose, glycerol, acetate [PUB_0392] Measurement of the copper content of cells [PUB_0403] Lipoglycan content of Mycoplasmas [PUB_0658] Membrane composition of E. coli -- PE (74%), PG (19%), CL (3%); lipid/protein weight ratio 0.4 [PUB_0645]. Additional sources: [PUB_0675, PUB_0676, PUB_0677, PUB_0778, PUB_0779].
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  6. ... 10 more

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