MG_428_DIMER – LuxR bacterial regulatory protein, putative

WID MG_428_DIMER View in model
Name LuxR bacterial regulatory protein, putative View in model
Biosynthesis [c]: (2) MG_428_MONOMERMG_428_DIMER View in model
No. subunits 2
DNA footprint Length: 28 (nt), Binding: dsDNA, Region: dsDNA View in model
Empirical formula (pH 7.5) H2948C1860N488O518S4
Molecular weight (pH 7.5; Da) 40562.41 View in model
Extinction coefficient 
(260 nm, 25C, pH 7.0)
Half life (OD (600 nm) = 0.3, 
M9 media, 36C; min)
1200.00 View in model
Formation process Process_MacromolecularComplexation View in model
Localization c
Transcriptional regulation View in model
Reaction participant View in model
Complex subunit LuxR bacterial regulatory protein, putative
[c]: (2) MG_428_MONOMERMG_428_DIMER
View in model
Comments Composition [PUB_0209]. Transcriptional Regulation Consensus sequence A[CA]CTGTAA[AT][AT]*T[TGA]ACAG[GT]T is 20 bp [PUB_0505]. Dnase I footprint is 28 nt [PUB_0725], extending to 58-60 60 nt together with RNAP [PUB_0724, PUB_0725, PUB_0726].
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  2. Nasser W, Reverchon S. New insights into the regulatory mechanisms of the LuxR family of quorum sensing regulators. Anal Bioanal Chem 387, 381-90 (2007). WholeCell: PUB_0209, PubMed: 16953322

  3. Stevens AM, Dolan KM, Greenberg EP. Synergistic binding of the Vibrio fischeri LuxR transcriptional activator domain and RNA polymerase to the lux promoter region. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 91, 12619-23 (1994). WholeCell: PUB_0724, PubMed: 7809088

  4. Stevens AM, Fujita N, Ishihama A, Greenberg EP. Involvement of the RNA polymerase alpha-subunit C-terminal domain in LuxR-dependent activation of the Vibrio fischeri luminescence genes. J Bacteriol 181, 4704-7 (1999). WholeCell: PUB_0726, PubMed: 10419977

  5. Urbanowski ML, Lostroh CP, Greenberg EP. Reversible acyl-homoserine lactone binding to purified Vibrio fischeri LuxR protein. J Bacteriol 186, 631-7 (2004). WholeCell: PUB_0725, PubMed: 14729687

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