MG_352_DIMER – Holliday junction endonuclease

WID MG_352_DIMER View in model
Name Holliday junction endonuclease View in model
Biosynthesis [c]: (2) MG_352_MONOMERMG_352_DIMER View in model
No. subunits 2
DNA footprint Length: 28 (nt), Binding: dsDNA, Region: dsDNA View in model
Empirical formula (pH 7.5) H2812C1780N470O488S6
Molecular weight (pH 7.5; Da) 38796.51 View in model
Extinction coefficient 
(260 nm, 25C, pH 7.0)
Half life (OD (600 nm) = 0.3, 
M9 media, 36C; min)
1200.00 View in model
Formation process Process_MacromolecularComplexation View in model
Localization c
Enzyme DNA recombination Holliday junction resolution
[c]: (2) dRibose5P_dRibose5P + (2) H2O ⇒ (4) DR5P + (2) H
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Reaction participant View in model
Complex subunit Holliday junction endonuclease
[c]: (2) MG_352_MONOMERMG_352_DIMER
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Parameters View in model
Comments DNA-binding Sluijter et al showed that MG_352 has RecU-like resolvase activity for holliday junctions [PUB_0797]. RecU cleavage sequence WTTS is 4 bp [PUB_0538]. Makes two simultaneous cuts in DNA backbone [PUB_0079]. T4 RecU homolog endonuclease VII has alternating 10 and 14 bp arms [PUB_0740]. Composition [PUB_0079].
  1. Biertümpfel C, Yang W, Suck D. Crystal structure of T4 endonuclease VII resolving a Holliday junction. Nature 449, 616-20 (2007). WholeCell: PUB_0740, PubMed: 17873859

  2. Karymov MA, Chinnaraj M, Bogdanov A, Srinivasan AR, Zheng G, Olson WK, Lyubchenko YL. Structure, dynamics, and branch migration of a DNA Holliday junction: a single-molecule fluorescence and modeling study. Biophys J 95, 4372-83 (2008). WholeCell: PUB_0538, PubMed: 18658216

  3. McGregor N, Ayora S, Sedelnikova S, Carrasco B, Alonso JC, Thaw P, Rafferty J. The structure of Bacillus subtilis RecU Holliday junction resolvase and its role in substrate selection and sequence-specific cleavage. Structure 13, 1341-51 (2005). WholeCell: PUB_0079, PubMed: 16154091

  4. Sluijter M, Kaptein E, Spuesens EB, Hoogenboezem T, Hartwig NG, Van Rossum AM, Vink C. The Mycoplasma genitalium MG352-encoded protein is a Holliday junction resolvase that has a non-functional orthologue in Mycoplasma pneumoniae. Mol Microbiol 77, 1261-77 (2010). WholeCell: PUB_0797, PubMed: 20735784

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