MG_105_OCTAMER – putative DNA integrity scanning protein

WID MG_105_OCTAMER View in model
Name putative DNA integrity scanning protein View in model
Biosynthesis [c]: (8) MG_105_MONOMERMG_105_OCTAMER View in model
No. subunits 8
DNA footprint Length: 35 (nt), Binding: ssDNA, Region: xsDNA View in model
Empirical formula (pH 7.5) H13392C8352N2128O2328S16
Molecular weight (pH 7.5; Da) 181377.06 View in model
Extinction coefficient 
(260 nm, 25C, pH 7.0)
Half life (OD (600 nm) = 0.3, 
M9 media, 36C; min)
1200.00 View in model
Formation process Process_MacromolecularComplexation View in model
Localization c
Enzyme diadenylate cyclase
[c]: (2) ATPc_di_AMP + (2) PPI
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Reaction participant View in model
Complex subunit putative DNA integrity scanning protein
[c]: (8) MG_105_MONOMERMG_105_OCTAMER
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Comments Composition [PUB_0110]. DNA-binding The DNA footprint of DNA integrity scanning protein DisA has not been experimentally determined. We estimated the DNA footprint of DisA by 1) regressing observed DNA footprint sizes on protein molecular weights, and 2) using this predictor with the calculated DisA molecular weight. This method calculates a 35 nt DisA DNA footprint.
  1. Chen J, Anderson JB, DeWeese-Scott C, Fedorova ND, Geer LY, He S, Hurwitz DI, Jackson JD, Jacobs AR, Lanczycki CJ, Liebert CA, Liu C, Madej T, Marchler-Bauer A, Marchler GH, Mazumder R, Nikolskaya AN, Rao BS, Panchenko AR, Shoemaker BA, Simonyan V, Song JS, Thiessen PA, Vasudevan S, Wang Y, Yamashita RA, Yin JJ, Bryant SH. MMDB: Entrez's 3D-structure database. Nucleic Acids Res 31, 474-7 (2003). WholeCell: PUB_0110, PubMed: 12520055, URL:

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