HR_junctionMigration – DNA recombination Holliday junction migration

WID HR_junctionMigration View in model
Name DNA recombination Holliday junction migration View in model
Type homologous_recombination View in model
Stoichiometry [c]: ATP + H2OADP + H + PI View in model
Enzyme MG_358_359_10MER [c] View in model
Is spontaneous (pH 7.5, 25C, I = 0) False View in model
Forward kinetics Vmax = 272.727 1/min View in model
Process Process_DNARepair View in model
Comments RuvAB catalyzes strand migration by an ATP-dependent mechanism [PUB_0532]. RuvA tetramers unfold the junction in a square planar conformation [PUB_0532]. RuvB hexamers possess DNA-dependent ATPase activity that is stimulated by RuvA [PUB_0536]. Although there is 1 ATP binding site per RuvB monomer, each hexamer only binds 2 ATPs, only 1 of which is hydrolyzed [PUB_0537]. Junction migration occurs in discrete hops of mean length 2.2 bases [PUB_0538] at a rate 3-100 bp/s [PUB_0531, PUB_0532, PUB_0533, PUB_0534, PUB_0535, PUB_0538]. Junctions are preferentially resolved at the sequence 5'-(A/T)TT↓(G/C)-3' [PUB_0532].
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