DNA_RM_MunI_Restriction – MunI DNA restriction/modification, DNA restriction

WID DNA_RM_MunI_Restriction View in model
Name MunI DNA restriction/modification, DNA restriction View in model
Type DNA_restriction_modification View in model
Stoichiometry [c]: (2) dRibose5P_dRibose5P + (2) H2O ⇒ (4) DR5P + (2) H View in model
Is spontaneous (pH 7.5, 25C, I = 0) False View in model
Process Process_DNARepair View in model
Comments MunI type II restriction/modification restriction reaction. MunI recognizes the sequence 5'-CAATTG-3' [PUB_0096]. MunI methylase methylates the N6 position of A-3 of hemimethylated DNA producing N6-methyladenine, and MunI endonuclease cleaves the C-A phosphodiester bond of unmethylated DNA in an ATP-independent manner [PUB_0006]. In constrant to type I restriction/modification systems, the methylase and endonuclease are two independent proteins. M. genitalium only contains the methylase of the MunI restriction/modification system. Baldwin et al observed that steady-state restriction kinetics vary from 0.072-0.66 1/s as a function of divalent ion concentrations, and is maximal for Mg2+ [PUB_0545]. Horton et al observed a kinetic rate of 36 1/min [PUB_0546]. Kurpiewski et al observed a kinetic rate of 0.49 1/s [PUB_0547].
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