DNADamage_THY64CSN_THY64CSN_dewar_UVB_radiation – DNA photoisomerization (2'-deoxythymidine-[6,4]-2'-deoxycytidine ==> 2'-deoxythymidine-[6,4]-2'-deoxycytidine dewar product; UV-B)

WID DNADamage_THY64CSN_THY64CSN_dewar_UVB_radiation View in model
Name DNA photoisomerization (2'-deoxythymidine-[6,4]-2'-deoxycytidine ==> 2'-deoxythymidine-[6,4]-2'-deoxycytidine dewar product; UV-B) View in model
Type UV-B_photodimerization View in model
Stoichiometry THY64CSN[c] + UVB_radiation[e] ⇒ THY64CSN_dewar[c] View in model
Is spontaneous (pH 7.5, 25C, I = 0) True View in model
Forward kinetics Km = 100000 (nM), View in model
Process Process_DNADamage View in model
Comments Reaction rate calculated from 1) total cyclopyrimidine yield (0.3/10^8 DA/J/m^2 [PUB_0480]), 2) cyclopyrimidine dimers 80% UV-B induced dimers, 6,4-photoproducts and dewar products 20%, 3-4% other [PUB_0492] 3) 305 DA/nt (assumes GC content 31.68%), 4) relative yields of cyclopyrimidine dimers CC: 3%, TC: 16%, CT: 13%, TT: 68% [PUB_0490, PUB_0491], 4) relative yield fo 6,4 photoproducts: TT: 66/40, CT: 10/110, TC: 34/110, CC: 0/110 [PUB_0493], 5) 6,4-photoproducts rapidly isomerize to dewar products.
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