TranscriptionalRegulation_hrcA_TU_258 – Transcriptional regulation of TU_258 by hrcA

WID TranscriptionalRegulation_hrcA_TU_258
Name Transcriptional regulation of TU_258 by hrcA
Transcription unit TU_258 View in model
Transcripton factor MG_205_DIMER View in model
Binding site 453291454318 MG_355 MG_356
Chromosome: Mgenitalium_Chr_1, Coordinate: 453791 (nt), Length: 27 (nt), Direction: Reverse, Sequence:
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Fold‑change activity
0.0778 (dimensionless)
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Comments HrcA represses the transcription of the heat-shock proteins including chaperones and chaperonins [PUB_0186, PUB_0418, PUB_0419, PUB_0433]. HrcA recognizes the CIRCE motif (TTAGCACTCAAA[GC][TGC][ACGT]TT[TA]GAGTGCTAA). HrcA transcriptional regulatory activity was measured in M. genitalium [PUB_0186] and M. pneumoniae [PUB_0418]. HrcA is repressed by heat, leading to derepression or increased expression of chaperones and chaperonins [PUB_0186, PUB_0418, PUB_0419, PUB_0433]. However there is no CIRCE motif upstream of this transcription unit [PUB_0186]. Consequently, we set the transcription factor binding site by setting its distance from the start codon to be the mean of that of other HrcA binding sites (61 nt). Binding site has motif CIRCE (TTAGCACTCAAA[GC][TGC][ACGT]TT[TA]GAGTGCTAA). Site responds to the condition: absence of 42C heat.
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