PUB_0829 – Heinemann et al., 2010

WID PUB_0829
Name Heinemann et al., 2010
Cross references PubMed: 20219420
Type article
Citation Heinemann M, Sauer U. Systems biology of microbial metabolism. Curr Opin Microbiol 13, 337-43 (2010). WholeCell: PUB_0829, PubMed: 20219420
Comments Authors present a history of the study of mycoplasmas 1898: bovine plueropneumoniae cultivated, mycoplasmas believed to be viruses 1950's -1960's: many believed mycoplasmas were bacterial L-forms or bacteria which had lost their cell walls 1960's-1970's: ultrastructure studied. Morowitz and Wallace argue that Mycoplasma are the most primitive organisms and should be placed at the root of the phylogenetic tree. Neimark proposed that Mycoplasmas originated from walled bacteria. rRNA sequence data confirms Neimark's hypothesis. Maniloff posits that Mycoplasmas arose from the Streptococcus branch 600 million years ago. Bredt et al show that Mycoplasma replicates by binary fission Mammalian and insect mollicutes shown to be surface and intracellular parasites 1980's: Morowitz proposes large-scale sequencing effort, but a collaboration never took off; various groups worked independently to map the Mycoplasma genome 1995: TIGR publishes complete sequence of M. genitalium. Herrmann publishes M. pneumoniae sequence shortly thereafter. 1990's: comparatively genomics began, several groups got interested in the minimal gene complement 2000's: JVCI synthesizes Mycoplasma genome
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