PUB_0802 – Sluijter et al., 2008

WID PUB_0802
Name Sluijter et al., 2008
Cross references PubMed: 18831760
Type article
Citation Sluijter M, Hoogenboezem T, Hartwig NG, Vink C. The Mycoplasma pneumoniae MPN229 gene encodes a protein that selectively binds single-stranded DNA and stimulates Recombinase A-mediated DNA strand exchange. BMC Microbiol 8, 167 (2008). WholeCell: PUB_0802, PubMed: 18831760
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Comments Authors showed that MG_218 and MG_317 knockouts exhibit reduced gliding motility. Additionally they showed that MG_218 encodes two proteins HMW2 and HMW2-s, that the N-terminus of MG_218 is required for proper terminal organelle architecture and that MG_317 is involved in terminal organelle formation and its anchoring to the cell membrane.
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