PUB_0787 – Gómez et al., 2011

WID PUB_0787
Name Gómez et al., 2011
Cross references PubMed: 21486441
Type article
Citation Gómez A, Cedano J, Amela I, Planas A, Piñol J, Querol E. Gene Ontology Function prediction in Mollicutes using Protein-Protein Association Networks. BMC Syst Biol 5, 49 (2011). WholeCell: PUB_0787, PubMed: 21486441
Comments Authors developed a new M. genitalium oligo array, and used it to identify the transcriptional response to osmotic stress. The authors found 39 upregulated, and 72 downregulated genes. 21 of the upregulated genes are unannotated and 15 are membrane-associated. This is consistent with the idea that M. genitalium responds to stress by varying its surface component repetoire. Most of the downregulated genes are involved in energy metabolism and translation. OsmC-like protein (MG_454) was downregulated. The authors were unable to explain the molecular mechanism responsible for altered gene expression under osmotic stress.
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